The Only Alternative

We are Alt Zero.
E-liquid creators from Las Vegas.

The founders of our company, all former smokers, made the decision to help others like us eliminate tobacco from our lives and offer an alternative to smoking. Our core principles are simple. Do the best we can, Use the best we can, Help the most we can.

How do we implement those principles? From the start we were committed to a sterile (ISO 7 Certified) manufacturing process that is second to none, using only ingredients of the highest quality, sourced in the United States. By doing so, and educating the public on how we do so, we believe we are offering the best alternative to combustibles available today.

As our industry is evolving, and coming under heavier regulation, we have doubled our commitment to not only meeting, but exceeding any and all requirements that are place upon us. By being proactive and diligent in the pursuit of our goals, putting our customers first in our decision making, and being a staunch advocate in the industry, we hope that Alt Zero will be your e-liquid manufacturer of choice.

Years in Business
Certified Lab
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ISO-7 Certified Lab

Our Lab

All of our products are created in our ISO-7 certified, state-of-the-art clean room created and built by California based company, Simplex. Using the latest technology in automated filling machines and equipment, we utilize the USA built Filamatic PROline equipment for automated filling, capping, labeling and sealing of all products. Our experienced and highly trained lab technicians bring to life the flavors created by our mixologists in a strictly controlled environment to produce a product of the highest quality and purity.

Our ingredients are independently tested and obtained from only the best U.S. based suppliers to insure you are receiving the most consistent, purest, and best tasting e-liquid available on the market today. Once created, our e-liquid is stored in our manufacturing and warehouse facility under our strict, climate-controlled inventory management system, awaiting shipment to our customers in the U.S. and abroad. Our commitment to quality, purity, and consistency will continue to evolve as new technology becomes available to us. This is our commitment to you... our customer.

ISO-7 Certified
State-of-the-art Clean Room
USA Built Filamatic Equipment
USA Sourced Ingredients
Climate-controlled Storage Facility
Quality Control
Commitment to Quality, Purity and Consistency

Alt Zero, The Only Alternative.